You're on an airplane, or you're in the checkout line in a get the idea. You overhear someone say "My babysitters are Benadryl and duct-tape". You could be sitting in a bar, and the cute girls in the corner just said something about camel-toe, and you hear the guy talking behind you say "I drink to forget glory holes".

OMG! WTF? Did that person really just say that?

Yeah, you heard it right. So, what should you do? Should you get up and leave in disgust? Do you start laughing at them? Do you slink down in your seat in shame because they're talking about you? Or, do you walk over and share in their outrageous conversation? All possible solutions.

But Here's What You Should Do...

Reach for your mobile device and tweet what you've just overheard to @shitihearinbars, #shitihearinbars, or #sihib. If you don't want the World to know you're listening, that's cool. We got ya covered. Just DM @shitihearinbars and we will post it anonymously. If Twitter isn't your thing, simply click the Post tab up in the navigation bar to login through Facebook and post that way. Whatever floats your boat.

What Happens After?

Now that you've graciously shared your, *ahem*, knewly found knowledge with the World, SIHIB visitors can enlighten themselves and pass it on to others. People can vote whether they love it or hate it. At the end of the month, if your collective tweets earn you the highest score, you've won some free gear. Don't want to post, but just "bask" in the knowledge others have left behind? No problem! Vote for those you like or don't like.

Who Says There's No Benefit In Sharing?