Welcome To SIHIB Gear of the Month!

A lot of things are overheard, and sometimes there are a few tweets that are just...the shit. So what do we these special overheard tidbits? We commemorate them by placing them on gear, from t-shirts to coffee mugs, that you can get for yourself...and maybe someone else.

SIHIB Gear Of The Month

Sihib T-Shirt

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Made from cotton, this SIHIB t-shirt is sure to be a comfy ice breaker. Also available in Women's Tee.
Starting at $21.99!

SIHIB Hoodie

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Keep both warm and cool in this SIHIB Gildan Heavy Blend hoodie.
Starting at $38.99!


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Start your day with a hot cup of java and a good laugh with this simple, yet stylish mug.
Starting at $14.99!